О проекте
"Lowhum" is a one-man band. He has been composing music since he was 7. He plays mainly guitar, mandolin and bass. Other string and keyboard instruments also sporadically attract his attention. He writes lyrics and often sings them. He has played in several underground bands in the middle 1990s in his hometown of Varna, Bulgaria and is still playing in some in the 21st century. He composed and played some music for theatre plays and life performances and also enjoys playing in the streets of different countries and homes of friends. We all hope he can finally record the songs he had accumulated so far in a proper and enjoyful way. Wish him luck!
Общая информация
В Kroogi с 09 ноября 2017
Varna, Болгария
LOWHUM пока одинок(а). Станьте ближе!